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Cher Impersonator in United States, Annika

Meet Annika Starander Weaver
Cher Impersonator

Annika, with her abundant training and skill, has performed on stages worldwide, spanning locations such as Las Vegas, NV, Atlantic City, Florida, California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Washington, Wisconsin, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, the Bahamas, Thailand, and Singapore. She has showcased her talents in prominent production shows, demonstrating her versatility as an artist by headlining in various styles, including pop, rock, burlesque, and country.

One of Annika's standout acts is her Cher Tribute, which she has developed and perfected due to her striking resemblance to the world-renowned superstar, American icon, and living legend, Cher. Annika's love for performing on stage every night shines through as she brings joy to audiences with her Cher tribute act.

Annika's talent has earned her national recognition in the entertainment industry, including being featured on Jimmy Fallon's TV show “Clash of the Coverbands” on E! Entertainment, and being mentioned by Meghan Trainor on The Ellen Show. Most recently, Annika had the privilege of delivering her captivating Cher tribute performance at the prestigious Mar-a-Lago, entertaining distinguished guests of high prominence. To add to the excitement, she had the incredible opportunity to perform a memorable duet with the former lead singer of the band Chicago.

With her impressive background, unwavering passion for performing, and exceptional talent, Annika Starander Weaver continues to captivate audiences around the world with her electrifying performances.

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